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Media and Sustainability – are we there yet?

Another North Carolina amazing City… Charlotte… spent only a few hours after teh delayed flight due to weather conditions.

I was honored to be a guest on Mike Collins Charlotte Talks with Tom McKittrick talking about sustainability and development. I chatted with the taxi driver and with a few people I met on my way about Charlotte Talks… and they really love it… they actually praised the host… confirming that it is all about people. Having such a well respected and liked figure leaves him no choice but dedicating his life for the process of change.

How successful is the deployment of media as a TOOL to instill sustainability in our lives? A question I raise to all media people and businesses… have we reached a stage where such sector realizes its power in sustainable transformation of market and communitities just as in politics.

My personal view would be that mainstreaming sustainability into various sectors is more important and effective than having it as a separate island… same applies to media… not sure if we need green media more than a greening of the media! A question for the great friends working in environmental communication and development media and marketing.

I was taken by Mike Collins’ humility and simplicity… and wide knowledge and open mind.  Someone like Mike needs to be further utilized as a sustainability advocate… can I kindly challenge you Mike to think of either a monthly special talk on a sustainable development topic and/or a new show on ‘redefining sustainability’ and I’ll be glad to contribute to some of the issues to be discussed in relation to community and people. Let’s shoot a couple of talks in Jordan… Petra and the Dead Sea or even one our Development Zones… It is a genuine invitation.

Reventure Park and Tom McKittrick’s visionary plan for an eco industrial park is a real source of inspiration for people, businesses, and governments. He is not doing it ONLY for the green cause but he definitley belives in the cause… and understands the competitive edge behind such an idea. A sharp developer who spends 3 years alleviating regulatory burden and preparing the location for new development is a role model for many of us. Defining the OPPORTUNITY of green might be more important than strict protection of green. It is all about understanding the ‘trade-offs’ and making the conscious decision that we can defend in front of the coming generations.

It is not the perfect model but it is a real serious story that Charlotte will be telling soon. Hope you as people of Charlotte define trade offs and demand your share of the responsibility.

Another key player in the field is Terri Bennett, she is an impressive media professional who is deploying her knowledge and experience to satisfy her passion about green life. Her ‘do your part’ reminded me of how each of us can be influential along the road and can make a difference… As a woman, I feel proud of women like Terri who decide to do something about it rather than complaining about it. Her focus on Mothers can’t be more timely.. they are where it all begins.

Have you done your part?

More from EPA!

One more oustanding team from US EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery. Timothy Taylor and Sara Rasmussen. Frank Avvisato from Superfund Redevlopment Program. They gave an excellent overview of the site cleanup and reuse efforts.

Green remediation

Priorities on Natinal level and criteria for including a site

But what matters most is the PROCESS