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Earth Policy Instiute – credibility along the way

One of the unique models for non-for-profit think tanks and research focused instiutes that has been managing to maintain its credibility and neutrality along the ‘tough’ way. Founded by Lester Brown, EPI is positioned as a key resource entity for fact-based advocacy. Matt Roney gave a comprehensive overview of the overarching principles and the main activities of EPI. We also discussed the future of food and agriculture – a subject being tackled by Lester these days. He indicated that EPI is reluctant to accept sponsorships that are not in line with its overarching direction. The list available at this link, http://www.earth-policy.org/about_epi/C91, shows the relative importance of our various funding sources: “…supported by financial contributions from foundations and individuals, along with income from publication sales, honoraria, and royalties.

 To me, this is a great model but only if maintained on the long-term through a business plan that would be linked with a corporate sustainability startegy.

One of the interesting initatives that EPI is taking on board is translation of some of its books and publications to some languages.

Takeaways: can we assist in sharing EPI rich resources with institutions and individuals in Jordan through our Jordan GBC database and my own list of contacts? can we help in translating some of the relevant resources to Arabic?

What is to learn by our research institutions from the EPI experience?

Willing to volunteer? let me know.