Philadelphia – My two Philly s

Being there for the first time, I was keen to explore horizontal and vertical aspects of Philadelphia… forgetting for a glance that it is my second one to explore! Yes, Amman, the Capital of Jordan is my first Philadelphia. Moving to other Cities in the US will indeed make my perception of each more unique and clear. For now, I know that the Philadelphia s share the fact that some nations long ago founded and found in them the ‘Brotherhood love’.

My Eisenhower Fellowship time in Philly enlightened my thoughts of the Birthplace of the US Constitution, a model that Nations continue to pursue under different titles and pathways.

I must admit that reflecting on the human and space interaction is taking me longer than usual as I seek a rather deep and genuine mode of articulation far away from all pre-perceptions and stereotyping.

This morning in New York City – Manhattan, I miss Amman and I look back at images from Philly and the two major takeaways remain: the Birthplace of the Constitution and the ‘Brotherhood Love’.

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