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Planting Seeds… Growing Lives

My first official meeting at Philadelphia was with a remarkable Eisenhower Fellow (Maitreyi Roy). She is the Senior Vice President of Programs and Planning at PHS. Ms Roy has not only provided an overview of the greening efforts in Philly but also contributed to introducing many of the key players in the urban sustainability and water issues. So proud of this US Fellow and wish her all the best in her green development journey.

Takeaways, yes, to succeed in sustainability one needs to link to development and socio-economic benefits and needs. PHS has demonstrated the importance of greening to re-attracting population to community neigborhoods and to increasing property value for further business development. NGOs and CBOs continue to be a key consitiuents in the recipe! Well done! Jordan’s NGOs community is on the right direction – we just need to do more on the value proposotion of environment to development sectors.