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The natural fit of Women in Development

Women and development undoubtedly enjoy a natural and genuine relationship worldwide. Not only through the commonly known gender mainstreaming and women empowerment perspective, but more importantly due to the ability of women to boost development in their communities. As a mother, teacher, sister, daughter or wife; a woman is a change maker and a role model. In a world of 1.8 billion young population, the need for role models and development champions cannot be more vital. In Jordan, almost one quarter of the 120,000 engineers are women most of which are unemployed or work outside their engineering field. I happen to have a belief that guiding those women engineers into development would enable better deployment of development goals and plans. As a woman engineer, I managed to find my passion in the “engineering for development’ cause and I’m very proud of my professional and personal accomplishments. I’m even more proud of the young women engineers striving to find their passion on an unpaved road. To all those I say: Roadblocks will melt with your strong will and persistence.

I’m just one of many women making a difference in development through dedication, community mobilization and most importantly by having a dream to bring to reality.

Thank you DAI Global for featuring my humble story. You can find the full article here.

From 1st Green job Fair (USAID JCP booth) EDAMA CEM training From my speech in 1st Green Job Fair