Re-define Family!

What “Fellowships” is all about? Is it the common experience, memories, shared values, precious moments of one’s life, passions, laughter…

Is it the sense of belonging to something somewhere some people… Or is it just the consecration of the “acceptance of the other” philosophy?

For me, for us in Jordan, it is puhing the boundaries and re-defining Family. Congratulations for a lovely genuine launching of the Jordan-EF Association.

Honoring the EF Jordanian symbol Elia Nuqul reminded me of extended boundaries… extended dreams across generations and beyond dreams… I kknow that when I was trying to best represent Jordan during my Eisenhower Fellowship trip, I was basically putting forward new attempts to live up to the expectations made higher and higher by more great people pushing the boundaries and re defining relationships.

Yes, I am the Proud Jordanian trying to extend the space and push all the boundaries!


There’s hope and there’s friendship with others who care

We’re never alone in  these lives that we share

So let fellowship grow among women and men

And  be blessed with gladness again and again (*)

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