“Serve to Lead” – Memories from the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst

Serve to Lead” is the motto of RMAS and yes we were handed the book itself… just as any privileged RMAS graduate.

Quoting Sydney Jary MC 18 Platoon – from Serve to Lead:

‘Sound leadership – like true love, to which I suspect it is closely related – is all powerful. It can overcome the seemingly impossible and its effect on both leader and led is profound and lasting’.

Almost three years have passed since I completed the leadership and policy programme with King Abdullah II Fund for Development KAFD/IDG for senior civil servants. Nevertheless, the influence of that week in Sandhurst Military Academy is increasing with time. It is probably because of the special training style and real battle locations that induce you to re-think leadership.  I had the chance to visit the room where HM Late King Hussein and many of the Hashemites stayed while studying at RMAS… lots of glorious yet humble feelings and stories are hidden in that room captured in the photos hanged on the walls. Had the great pleasure of meeting Jordan’s Ambassador to the UK Mrs Alia Bouran over a special dinner.

UK2 July 2010 116  Group_Picture

RMAS.Day2 045

While seeking to understand what makes Military la good leadership school, we were reminded of the fact that you lead people through serving them and never vice-versa.

It was fun too… lots of physical and mental activity… maps, compass and good fellows.

RMAS.Day3 067 IMG00471 IMG00425 IMG00480


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