Engineering for Development – sharing takeaways from my session at TAQETNA

Another inspiring session with young Jordanian Engineers. I gladly responded to TAQETNA second invitation to speak in its Project Management training course… actually I was waiting to be there again!

I spoke in general about Environmental Management tools and focused a bit on SEA as a planning and mainstreaming tool.

My takeaways:


1. Life gets better the longer I connect with young Jordanians.

2. We have no mainstreaming within and between various engineering (and probably other) disciplines. Each specialty needs to find links and synergies with other fields… that’s how real development goals     and creative solutions are achieved.

3. If we want to instill a culture of environmental consciousness, Jordanians need to hear about environmental management way before graduating from college!

4. Innovation by Youth is going to solve our environmental problems one day… not only that but will also provide integrated solutions for economic and social development… dreaming about “Engineering for Development”, I remain!

5. Even if it is one single session in a long course, take that opportunity to convey a message and trigger a spark in a sharp young mind.. results would be amazing!

Thanks Mahmoud Shattel for starting these courses. Thanks Samer Zawaydeh for your great spirit.

IMG_4522  IMG_4521

IMG_4513  IMG_4515


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