My Aspen Experience – Philosophy, Values & Leadership

It was a lovely surprise to receive my nomination for an Aspen Institute Seminar “From Success to Significance” last June (2013). It was a unique kind of leadership seminars that you don’t witness everyday. Navigating through the deep tough readings of Aristotle, Ibn Khaldoun, Darwin, Confucius, etc and then reflecting back onto our daily lives… it was hard not to find areas of the soul, mind and body that were undiscovered or maybe forgotten. I can’t remember the last time I had to be this close to my own self… to my own values and how I’m basing my leadership decisions on some of them. Grateful to have met great people like Tim Boyle, Diane Tavenner, Mahmoud Elashmawy, Diana Tase, David Langstaff, Robert Avossa, Aimee Guidera, Eric Scroggins, Frances Mclaughlin, Alejandra Castillo, Angela Cobb, … it was my big blast of the year!

It was because of my Eisenhower Fellowship and the kind recommendation from Gehan Elsharkawy that this was possible!

IMG_4474 IMG_4455 IMG_4478



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