Raleigh and the Jordanian dream!

I have never expected such a great welcoming impactful nature from Raleigh, NC. The people, the space, the events, the signs, the streets, the mindset… all contribute to the brain/talent attraction and development.

I was honored to meet Governor Bev Perdue during the grand opening for the North Carolina Museum for Natural Science. The City, People, Streets, Children, Cultural diversity, food, green products, music, all were there. Raleigh people say they never witnessed such a festival here before. It is all about science and growing the talent! It is amzing to see how the efforts came together to get this big Science center and huge event done. Many special features like having the chance to watch real scientists at their labs are quite special to this museum.

Governor Perdue is a great supporter of green economy and having met some of her team members, I can tell these people are making a difference.

I enjoyed being pampered by the US Eisenhower Fellows from NC (Jean Davis, Don Hobart and Rob Burns) as well as their colleagues, contacts, relatives, etc. What a City! It reminded me with the Arab/Jordanian hospitality and genuine nature. Despite the multi-cultural climate, it only added to its openness and intergative image. Eisenhower Fellowships need to continue recruiting more Fellows like those!

Everything here is oreinted towards supporting the ‘knowledge-based economy’ goal and all resources are directed in that direction. Allow me to quote the wise kind Charles Hayes – President and CEO of Research Traingle Regional Partnership when I asked for his advice for Jordan’s big dream of pursuing knowledge-based economy: become a Country that “grows talent, retains talent and recruits talent”.

I got inspired indeed by the streamlined efforts towards achieveing this in North Calorina/Raleigh. I hope Jordan my beloved Country would one day build on all its great human resources and strong well to optimize the impact of its talents.


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