Marked efforts and valued partnership between USGBC and JordanGBC

To reiterate Jordan Green Building Council’s commitment to the successful and strategic partnership with the US Green Building Council, issues of  mutual interest were discussed with Jennivine Kwan, Vice President of International Operations. Ms Kwan has been a great supporter and mentor for Jordan GBC throughout the founding phase. She deeply and gladly welcomed teh official announcement of the new milestone for Jordna GBC at the World GBC ‘the established status’.

Jordan GBC and USGBC are cooperating on activities related to education and training on LEED and also on policy advocacy and visioning the International LEED framework.

Maggie Comstock shared her experience within the USGBC in policy advocacy and impact made on legislations and Standards.  Jordan GBC is working with other NGOs to strengthen the rold of Civil Society Organizations in policy-making and we know the road is still long.

Another active green lady in Philadelphia is Heather Blakeslee from US GBC Deleware Valley Chapter. She highlighted their excellent working relations with USEPA Region 3 and with other stakeholders in the area. She explained the efforts with Schools and also the Impact Map they are developing online for their members. Such efforts were also acknowledged in my meeting with the USGBC indicating that this Chapter is one of the most active in the US.

Green Build 2013 may take place in Philadelphia… news are music to our ears in Amman… we hope to get the 2 Philadelphia s to meet in the Green Built Environment.

Takeaways and follow-ups on the above issues already initaited with Jordan GBC!

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